I'm Chris Crowder;

A photographer working with e-commerce brands in North East England since 2012.  

I learned my craft working as an in house photographer with a local e-commerce brand.

Working directly alongside product buyers and marketers, I have learned how to capture a product to promote it's unique features and selling points.  

I've always strived to create bold, interesting and honest images, showcasing the unique selling points of the products I work with.  Real photographs shot in real life locations gives a sense of familiarity which a customer can engage with, and can allow them imagine using your product in their own home.

I find that accurately depicting product functions in use, with honest photography gives confidence to customers.  In turn increasing listing performance and converting to sales.  


I now wish to share my skills with the public;

to improve the quality of sales listings and instil confidence in customers when making online purchases.

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